UPoilTankers Inc was established in 2017 in Dubai, from a very experienced team of Ship operators, Ex bankers, and oil commodity traders, as a Tanker Manager and Physical Commodity Oil Trader.

Our core Business divided in 4 Sectors

1. Physical Oil Cargo Trader

2. Tankers Chartering & Commercial Management

3. Emission Trading

4. Hedging The Shipping Risks

In January 2021 we established our Greek Offices in Piraeus.

In July 2022 we Decided to transfer the Head Office of our Company in London, in order to be inline with the European Trade Finance procedures and rules. Since then the Offices in Dubai and in Piraeus are remaining as rep offices serving the local clients.


What is the EU ETS?

The European Trading Emissions System (ETS) is a European policy tool that was set up to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This mandatory policy tool attempts to ensure emitters pay for their emissions.

For every tone of greenhouses gas emitted, one EU Allowance (EUA) must be handed into the relevant government authority (different for each member state). Stated otherwise; one EU Allowance gives you the right to emit one tone of greenhouse gas.


Find out how to Hedge Any Shipping Risk asking our Management Team to organize a Meeting or a Video conference with you. For a meeting ask at Director@UPoilTankers.com

Our Services


UPoilTankers Inc, manages Tanker ships, either as owner or operator .

Through our experienced staff, we undertake cargo agreements and connect reliable charterers with shipowners and ships we manage. Acting as traders and charterers at the same time, we offer our customers a complete package of services.

 UPoilTankers Inc provides services not only to a third party fleet as managers, but also to our own ships that we as owners control through various special vehicles. 


UPoilTankers Inc, acting either as an Oil tanker ship charterer, or as a tanker Chartering broker, connecting Ship Owners and Oil Companies for their worldwide product's transportation.

UPoilTankers Inc., is working daily with major Oil refineries and oil exporters, providing them with tanker ships, in order to transport their oil products.

Those Tankers could either be part of the fleet that UPoilTankers Inc has under its management, or tanker vessels of third party owners that UPoilTankers Inc has the priority to employ.


UPoilTankers Inc   is working daily with major Oil Refineries and Oil Exporters, providing them with Tanker Ships, in order to transport their Oil products.

Being in touch with a Real End Seller (we load cargo with our Tankers from him) and a Real Buyer (we discharge Oil commodities with our Tankers to him), we have the privilege to act not only as a Transport partner, but whenever we decide to, as an Oil trader too.

More Specifically, in case that we received a solid Oil Inquire, either from a seller or from a buyer, we may handle the Deal as Traders, financing the trade and  taking a COA instead of a single Shipment.


UPoilTankers Inc as a Trading and brokering company, is able to supply marine fuel and gas oil at very short notice, with highly competitive prices, and the best quality available. 

We deliver reliably, safely, in the correct quantities, all in the agreed time frame, both onshore and offshore. The supply of marine fuel and gas oil is our new business and is an area in which we excel.

We offer our services around the clock and we can provide fuel products and services at very short notice, ranging from bunkers, to fresh water and agency services, both offshore and onshore.

Physical oil commodity desk

Our crude Oil & refined products desk, combine strong financial brokerage experience with focused knowledge and insight in petroleum procurement, production, refining, storage, transportation and marketing.

Especially we offer direct from our physical suppliers and refineries, Oil products of the following Grades:


As per ISO 8217-2010 we are offering a full range of products, of the following grades:

  • JET TS1
  • JET A1
  • BASE OIL 100sn 150SN 500SN, 600SN and Brightstock


  • GASOIL (DMA) with Sulphur 0.1%
  • ULS DIESEL 10ppm
  • IFO cst-380 (3,5%, 1%, 0,5%)
  • IFO CST-180 (RME 180)
  • IFO CST-30 (RMA30)(All intermediate grades down)

Yacht Fuels on Credit

From May 1st of 2023 UPoil is Launching a bright new Service in 8 countries.

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Our Team

Theodore Chouliaras


Economist, with long time experience in Shipping Finance & Commodity Oil Trading.

He is one of the founders of the Holding company at 2003 UPLONDON GROUP and from September 2007 he is the B.O.D PRESIDENT of the group.

John Kalyvopoulos


Economist, with long time experience in the banking and Shipping valuation sector. He has a vast experience in Commodity Trading and Trade Finance.

Thanasis Tselepis


Our chief Operator of our Shipping Activities. He has a long time experience in Chartering & operation, having his track record in several major traditional Shipping companies more than 20 years.

He is running the Ship management and Ship operation Dept.

Lefteris Kontos


He is running the Investment Desk, and the Investor Relations with the Institutional investors and Stock Exchange markets.

He is also the C.F.O. of the group

Georgios Oikonomou


He is an international mediator and International broker. He has studied Computer Systems Engineering and Specialized in Economics. He was an adviser to three prime ministers and various governments. He deals with International trade and investments and startups.

Lucy Berry


Lucy is the heart of the company. Responsible to support all the departments with administration and secretarial effort, she offers a peaceful security among all the partners, clients and business associates.

Economist with long time experience in Shipping companies and international Shipping Banks.

Fabio Noulas


Specialist in International Trading issues, responsible for the Exporting and commodity Finance projects.

He is running the ITALIAN group of Associates and the external team in Milano & Zurich.

Stewart Eve


Ship Broker, with long time experience in the sector of Sales & Purchase in the Shipping Industry.

He is responsible for the Sales & Purchase desk in London, and supporting the business development, through sales .

Rashid Mohamed Dunis


Sip Broker with long time experience in the wet Chartering and Freight cargo Deals.

He is the head of the Dubai chartering team, supporting the new business development in European countries.

Ahmed Madhal


Oil & Bunkering Trader with long time experience in the wet Chartering.

He is running the Oil Trading Desk

Kairis Nikolas


Specialized in Marine Law and Track Record In International Commodity Trading, Nikolas working as external Legal Advisor from the first day of our company.


London UK Head Office :

40, Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London

UK Company Tel: +44 203 576 4009


Dubai Rep Office:

Level 54, Almas Tower JLT, Dubai UAE

International Company Tel: +1 917 9248299


Athens Greece Rep Office:

Filellinon 1-3 & Akti Miaouli Street,  Piraeus

Tel: +30 2100101474