Yachting Fuels on Credit

Being an International Physical Oil trader, UPoilTankers Inc has recently expanded its activities in the field of Yacht Bunkering.

As a Physical Oil Trader we provide with Fuels, local sellers that manage a large fleet of tank trucks to deliver directly from the Refineries all around Greece from 500ltr to 1500tns.

We are committed to deliver our products onshore by tank-trucks or offshore by barges, wherever is asked around Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Monaco, Albania, Mediterranean, Azores and Las Palmas.

Our range:

– Marine Gas Oil (MGO) 0,1%

– Marine Diesel Oil (MDO-Ecopower) 0,1%

– Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO) IFO180cst, 

- IFO380cst– Marine Fuel Oil (MFO)

– Automotive Gas Oil (AGO-Ecopower)

– Lubricating Oil (LUBEOIL)

Send your Inquires at Sales@UPoilTankers.com